Working as the UX-UI Intern at Commudle, I redesigned and created the two main features of the platform: User Profile and Labs. The project included wireframing, prototyping, many iterations improving the user experience and accessibility. My role was to change the image of Commudle from an event management platform to a developer and design community platform.


The platform failed to provide the users with easy accessibility of the actions available. The platform failed in following the design principles and hence confusing the users about the aim of the product.

The platform was known for event organization. My job was to change the image from an event management platform to a developer & design community platform.


As the sole designer on this effort, I audited the cards and layouts internally across Commudle. And externally, I tried to understand the industry-standard usage of the components and layouts.

With those insights, I recreated the user profile from scratch to promote engagement & networking, redesigned the labs’ structure and did UI fixes to give a consistent look to the platform.


UI/UX Design Intern


Community, Events

Design Tools



Feb'21 - Apr'21


Let’s meet executive team of Commudle & know their vision

User Profile

Have a look how I rebuilt profile architecture & layout

Navigation Bar

An insight to how I gave an a universal search bar & better usability of nav bar


How I turned these stepwise tutorials into most fun write-ups

A place to be...

For almost three years, founder Arpan Garg created a space where young developers & designers can come and learn from each other. A place where experienced industry experts can provide guidance and help young minds.

Whether you are part of an online or offline community, it always helps to meet new people, learn from them and grow. The communities which one is a part of define one's interests. Communities broaden one's options in both work and play. It helps to explore new horizons.


Why a redesign?

The platform primarily used for event management failed in encouraging community interactions. Having all the features of the community, it failed in putting them forward with ease. The profile which a user visits immediately when he/she wants to connect with people lacked the pieces of information necessary to know the user as a person.

An exceptional initiative to encourage the exchange of knowledge among the users was Commudle Labs. This initiative had the potential to help users by allowing them to help each other. The stakeholders wanted to add a charming touch to the labs which would motivate the users to write and read more labs.

Meeting with the stakeholders

The stakeholders wanted Commudle to be a single stop for every developer & web designer out there. They wanted to provide a platform where users can showcase all of their works, achievements and activities.

Hence Commudle has: Labs: Stepwise mini-tutorials to share knowledge.
Builds: To showcase your projects and share the reusable ones.
Communities: Join and interact with people of the same interest.
Events: Attend events of your interest and learn together.

In the first few meetings, stakeholders showed primary interest in increasing the networking among the users. They showed their interest in redesigning the user profile to display all the user activity on the platform in the user profile. In addition to that, they wanted the addition of the users' works on other platforms to be accessible from the user profile.

The other major concern was to increase the accessibility to the labs and to motivate the users to exchange knowledge through labs. The overall aim was to promote community bonding and knowledge sharing among the users while getting additional benefits from the shared communities.

Defining the target groups

Till now, Commudle had two target groups: Members and Organizers.

Members were the users who came to Commudle to attend events, become community members and network. Whereas, organizers were the users who used to manage communities and organize events.

Commudle brought me on board to target a newer audience: Experts. Experts are the users who would come to Commudle to build their own community and help members with mentorship to achieve their goals.

Hence, my role was to redesign the platform to address all three types of users to help them collaborate.

Note: This case study consists of three sub-parts: User profile, Navigation bar and Labs. Let’s take a look at them.